About Us

The Sydney Track Classic forms part of the Athletics Australia National Athletics Series.

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The Sydney Track Classic is run each year as a joint venture between Athletics New South Wales and Athletics Australia. Athletics Australia is the  governing body of track and field in Australia, and the home of the Australian Flames, our national track and field representative team.

Athletics NSW is one of the eight Member Associations (MA) of Athletics Australia, which is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission as the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) for athletics within Australia. Athletics Australia is one of 213 member federations of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the body responsible for athletics at a global level.

Athletics NSW is comprised of affiliated clubs and members. There are currently 88 affiliated member clubs of Athletics NSW. Athletes, coaches and officials generally participate in the sport through registration with Athletics NSW via our affiliated clubs.

For more information on joining Athletics New South Wales and taking part in our year round calendar of athletics events, visit or call (02) 9746 1122.